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The CL is a compact maintenance vehicle with a 75 hp engine, perfect for tasks such as sanitation, grass mowing, and weed control.

  • 4100 mm (161 in)
  • 1200 - 1600 mm (47 - 63 in)
  • 1995 mm (79 in)
  • Hatz, 75 HP, Stage V (Tier 4 final) emissions

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  • CV Sweeper

    The CV multipurpose sweeper is a powerful sidewalk and bike lane sweeper which can be used year-round for various tasks including snow removal and grass mowing.
  • MX Turbo Range

    The MX range is our powerful workhorse series, with different cab sizes to best suit what you need. With 130hp and incredible torque, it's best suited for tough tasks like heavy-duty snow removal and asphalt planing.
  • MH Original

    The MH model is our original (and largest) machine. Its 75 hp engine makes it a top choice for snow removal, sanitation and asphalt repair in unrestricted areas.