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Multihog is used by highways agencies worldwide to tackle a range of tasks, including pothole repair (asphalt planing), verge and border mowing, winter maintenance and weed removal.

Its compact size means that it can work along the side of the road without causing major disruption, and its spacious cabin with heating and air con ensures that the operator has a comfortable working environment.


Keeping up with road maintenance tasks can be a challenge for any municipality or municipal services contractor, especially with the ever-increasing rate of potholes on streets and highways.

Coupled with the regular need for mowing of various spaces in spring and summer, it’s difficult to choose the right equipment that will suit every need, and which does not need extra transportation vehicles to move it from A to B.

Why Multihog?

Many highways agencies opt for Multihog as their maintenance vehicle of choice due to the range of attachments it can carry for road maintenance. The asphalt planer (cold planer) for pothole repair is particularly popular, thanks to its ability to transform productivity and cost-savings for municipalities when it comes to keeping on top of pothole repair.

The ability to fit on attachments like weed brushes, snow blowers, barrier and grass mowers, as well as pressure washers for roadside signage, makes the Multihog a great road maintenance choice.

Popular attachments for road maintenance

Case Studies

The Multihog Vehicle Range

  • CV Sweeper

    The CV multipurpose sweeper is a powerful sidewalk and bike lane sweeper which can be used year-round for various tasks including snow removal and grass mowing.
  • Compact Range

    Our compact range is perfect for those who need a maintenance vehicle to work in tight urban spaces, or on the sidewalk. Multihog's compact range has a reputation for power, comfort and maneuverability.
  • MX Turbo Range

    The MX range is our powerful workhorse series, with different cab sizes to best suit what you need. With 130hp and incredible torque, it's best suited for tough tasks like heavy-duty snow removal and asphalt planing.
  • MH Original

    The MH model is our original (and largest) machine. Its 75 hp engine makes it a top choice for snow removal, sanitation and asphalt repair in unrestricted areas.