Municipal Services


The Multihog is a popular choice for cities, towns and villages alike thanks to its versatility, compact size and manoeuvrability. Its articulated design means that it can access incredibly tight spaces, such as alleyways, highway underpasses, and narrow sidewalks.

The wide array of attachments which can be fitted front and rear means that the Multihog is never idle, so it provides great return on investment.


How does a municipality deliver the best services for their citizens, whilst keeping costs under control? A multi-purpose vehicle like a Multihog can really help to maximise return on capital expenditure such as machinery. It can be used 365 days per year, and even shared between departments (some of our municipal customers share a machine between the parks department and the winter maintenance team). Having a machine that works all year round helps to take the pressure off different budgets and workloads – it could be the winter machine which also mows the parks in summer, or the sweeper which is swapped to a scrubber, to keep those downtown areas super clean in the tourist season.

Since Multihog is sold through a network of dealers, you’ll always have someone nearby who carries stock of spare parts, and who can help you out with service or technical problems. It’s also a very simple machine to operate, which means that any contract operators will pick it up quickly without extensive operator training.

Why Multihog?

Municipalities all over the world have chose Multihog for their maintenance fleets – from large cities such as Chicago, Nashville, Quebec, Basel and Riga, to smaller towns and villages like Truckee, Gefrees, Beringen and Huntington.

The Multihog ticks the same boxes for most, regardless of the municipality’s size. It has a spacious, comfortable cabin for their operators, and the machine is easy to use. It’s built robustly, and offers them the opportunity to have 1 machine for multiple tasks, whether it’s grass mowing, pressure cleaning, snow removal or pothole repair. This delivers the best value for citizens, and from an environmental perspective, it reduces waste by having just 1 maintenance machine instead of multiple machines for each individual task.

Popular attachments for use in airports

Case Studies

The Multihog Vehicle Range

  • CV Sweeper

    The CV multipurpose sweeper is a powerful sidewalk and bike lane sweeper which can be used year-round for various tasks including snow removal and grass mowing.
  • Compact Range

    Our compact range is perfect for those who need a maintenance vehicle to work in tight urban spaces, or on the sidewalk. Multihog's compact range has a reputation for power, comfort and maneuverability.
  • MX Turbo Range

    The MX range is our powerful workhorse series, with different cab sizes to best suit what you need. With 130hp and incredible torque, it's best suited for tough tasks like heavy-duty snow removal and asphalt planing.
  • MH Original

    The MH model is our original (and largest) machine. Its 75 hp engine makes it a top choice for snow removal, sanitation and asphalt repair in unrestricted areas.