A Little bit about us


Although our business was only launched in 2008, we’ve come a very long way since then. Operating from Dundalk, Ireland we enjoy an ideal location on the western edge of Europe for design, production & testing of our multi-purpose tractors. We’re excited to say that we’re growing all the time, and are constantly striving to perfect our expanding range of tractors. Our drive and enthusiasm comes from the very top – our two directors who have more than 60 years’ combined experience in the machinery manufacturing industry.

Jim McAdam

Managing Director

Jim spent a large part of his career as Managing Director of Moffett Ltd, the reverse-drive tractor & forklift manufacturer. A trained engineer, he was pivotal in the development of the very successful Moffett Mounty truck-mounted forklift, which has sold over 50,000 units worldwide. After the successful sale of Moffett Ltd. Jim established Multihog to develop a machine for mowing grass on slopes, & much of the vehicle’s incredible evolution since then can be attributed to his knowledge & expertise in innovation.

Gerry McHugh

Technical Director

Like Jim, Gerry also began his career as an engineer with Moffett Ltd., before taking over as Managing Director of Aisle-Master Ltd. There he led the development of the narrow aisle forklift, a machine which can increase warehouse capacity by up to 50% thanks to its ability to work within incredibly tight spaces. Since joining Multihog as technical director in 2010, Gerry has been instrumental in fine-tuning our product range thanks to his passion for quality and keen eye for detail.

innovation drives us

Today the Multihog has evolved into a must-have tractor used by the world’s busiest airports, local authorities & contractors, and we trace our success back to one guiding principle: innovate, innovate, innovate. We’ve built a team of the best and brightest engineers around, who strive for improvement every day, so that we can be sure our tractors are the best on the market. We’re proud of our dedication to innovation, our outstanding R&D department and our drive to create an exceptional product.